PPCTV Anywhere App Bewertungen

Why there are no PPCTV Drama 9?

This app will be the best app if PPCTV Drama 9 also included. I suggest an update will be soon and PPCTV Drama 9 will be in the app.

Put more International Channel

It's really good but I have a little disappointment I can't find my favorite channel.

Great Internet TV Apps

I really love this Internet TV app and I enjoy live movie and other TV broadcast everyday from my mobile phone. If you can update to support Apple TV would be more awesome then everyone that use Apple TV can enjoy the Internet TV program on their big screen TV. Hope you will make it one. Thanks so much.

Please Update Your Application

Hi Dear Your Application looks good for interface but the worst thing is the quality of the video is very very low I can say the lowest one. Why you cannot make it in HD ? Update please ... I love your Application

តើបងអាច​បន្ថែម​បុស្តិ៍​ចិន​អោយ​បាន​ទាំងស្រុង​បាន​ទេ?ដូច​ជា​beijing (北京卫视)


Best App

I love this app so much. Good app for Cambodian. I really appreciate for your kindly free app. Thank you so much!


How can I see CTN and mytv channel?

Thank You

For making this app. However, some channels are missing. I hope more advanced changes for this app soon. Can I request some channels, please? Like Animax, AdultSwim or Nat Geo. Thanks in advance!


It took for about 30sec for ads to change time shifting.

Love it!

can you add CN (Cartoon Network) to your app?

I love it but...........

I think your app is the best for iOS so I have any suggestions want to let you know! 1 can you add more channels 2 can you put it in play store too Why I suggest like that because of Khmer overseas ppl they really want to watch Khmer channel, here is hard to figure out the best one besides yours. So I hope you'll read and consider my suggestion. Thank you so much!

More sport channels

Great app! But I'd like to have more sport channels here like Astro supper sport, Sky sports, true sports...... Coz I don't see any sport channels here in your existing. Thanks

App improvement

Hi PPCTV, love what you got tv channel in phone app could watch anywhere and anytime it is a step of improvement of your service that is awesome.if you could add all of your PPCTV broadcast channel into your app it would be best.

Good app for iPad and iPhone

But I have a suggestion could you put it in Apple TV or Roku please? I hope I can enjoy Khmer TV too

Requirements update

Hello PPCTV, I am using your app and I want to say it's the good app that I can watch the TV live show everywhere, but I have some request hope you will update it, I hope you will insert more channels as you are providing services to Television.

I wanna to have this app support for Apple TV.

This app PPCTV is easy to watch all channels is good, and please support with Apple TV more. Thanks PPCTV

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